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Ass Kickin Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette Game Gift Pack - 200g


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The 12 mini bottles of hot sauce in the set are arranged around a wheel. Flick the spinner in the center of the wheel and sample the sauce it lands on. With heat levels ranging from meh to melt-yo-face-off, you’ll be nervously anticipating the outcome of each spicy spin.

Players drop out when they decide they can’t handle the heat, and the game continues until one brave soul remains to claim victory (and first dibs on the milk). It’s a fun group game for those who like lady luck with a little spice. Perfect for family and friends having a game night, party or celebration.

  • 12 hot sauces of increasing intensity packaged as a game of chance

  • Spin the wheel to see which sauce you try

  • Includes cardboard game board with spinner, 12 numbered bottles, and cheat sheet of flavors

  • Sauces feature jalapeño pepper, habanero pepper, ghost pepper, scorpion pepper, Carolina reaper pepper, and capsicum extract


Warning: Do not try if you have a Heart Condition, or any other medical condition. You consume this product at your own risk and The Lolly Barn does not take any responsibility for injuries or death incurred from consuming this product.


Habanero Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Sriracha, Wasabi and Chili Lime with some sauces made with 1 million scoville capsicum extract.
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