Push Pop Gummy Roll Candy - 50g ASSORTED

Push Pop Gummy Roll Candy - 50g ASSORTED


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Push Pop Gummy Rolls are pure candy entertainment.
Enjoy Push Pop Candy, Now in a Fruity Gummy Roll! Now there is a completely different way to enjoy candy undercover, with new Push Pop Gummy Roll! Hidden inside this on-the-go dispenser is a delicious sanded fruity gummy candy on a roll. Push the yellow slider forward to push out just the right amount of candy you want each time, then use the cutter to tear off your piece. With Push Pop Gummy Roll, you decide how much candy you want to eat!
Tear it off, pop it in your mouth and enjoy! It’s candy undercover, from Push Pop!
Push Pop Gummy Roll comes in 4 great fruity flavours: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Berry Blast.