Secret Aardvark Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce - 236ml

Secret Aardvark Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce - 236ml


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Heat level 3/5


Secret Aardvark Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce combines serrano and habanero chillies with green tomatoes and tangy tomatillos to create a green hot sauce that has more kick than your typical green hot sauce.

There is a fresh and zesty flavour to this sauce mainly from the tomatillos and coriander combined with a strong hit of garlic and other spices. You get heat from both the serrano and habanero chillies and you can also taste some pepper thrown in. While this sauce rated at a medium level it is much hotter than what you would expect from a typical green hot sauce.


Green Tomato, Water, Onions, Serrano Peppers, Roasted Tomatillo, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Habanero, Sugar, Cilantro, Salt, Basil, Organic White Distilled Vinegar, Organic Mustard Seed, Lime Juice Concentrate, Cultured Dextrose, Spices, Organic Spices, Natural Lime Flavor, Turmeric