Red Vines Original Bag - 113g


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Red Vines® Original Red Twists are old-fashioned candy for the modern world. Many candy lovers have fond memories of going to the movies and indulging in a bag of Red Vines candy. Red Vines is the top brand of licorice candies in the western part of the United States and the second best-selling brand in the country. Red Vines candy is a part of American culture and has been featured in many television shows and movies. You can't beat nostalgia, especially when it involves Red Vines. Red Vines has been making their licorice twists the same way and from the same quality ingredients for nearly 90 years now, with no intention of changing their winning recipe. Red Vines is now the only company in America that still makes its licorice candy using the three-day batch method. Tradition isn't always easy, but why mess with success? Nothing can compare to the great taste and chewy, soft texture of Red Vines old-fashioned candy.